Monday, 6 April 2009

Melville Brotherston's True Colour

Preview night on Tuesday 31st March (2009) brought a good crowd and Melville won admiration for his new work, especially the landscape pieces of nearby Cairnshead. His paintings Glory of Autumn and Road to Cairnhead are proving big favourites in this exhibiton.

Melville's animal paintings are always popular. And Hoopie (featuring a poor cockerel that is only happy using one leg) and Highland Bull in Winter have gone down a treat.

Melville also came in on Saturday (4th April 2009) to meet customers at tt and talk about his work. And he plans to do so again in coming weeks. I'll post the details as and when.

True Colour continues until May 16th and you are very welcome to come and visit the exhibition. Entry is free.

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