Tuesday, 13 March 2012


Jane Blair will be with us this coming Saturday (17th March) from 11am-3pm in what's going to be a bumper weekend at Thomas Tosh.

Jane will be on hand to chat about her latest exhibition, While Walking the Dog.

Given its title, it’s not surprising that the show features a range of landscapes and rural animal paintings by the popular Nithsdale-based artist. But the exhibition also demonstrates Jane’s love of marine life.

“The fish thing is a bit of a passion,” explains Jane.

“If I'm anywhere near an aquarium when the weather is too bad for painting, I love to go in for a warm up.

“They are such lovely calm places, low lights and the sound of water. The fish are beautifully illuminated and silvery scaled.”

That warmth and serene coolness comes out in Jane’s work.

And there will be an extra chance to catch the exhibition as Thomas Tosh opens this Sunday 18th March from 11am-4pm to celebrate Mother’s Day. To book lunch on the Sunday for our usual delicious menu please call: 01848 331 553.

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